How Carat Finder Can Help You Get Your Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring can seem like an overwhelming task, but with Carat Finder, it doesn't have to be. Our platform simplifies the process, ensuring that you find the diamond that speaks to you, without the hassle. Here’s how you can find your perfect engagement ring in just nine easy steps:

Firstly, your journey begins at our doorstep. By visiting, you're taking the first step towards discovering an array of stunning diamonds...


Man-Made Diamonds. A hoax or the future?

Most of us reading this have perhaps at some point heard about either Lab-Grown Diamonds, Man-Made Diamonds or CVD diamonds. They are all primarily the same thing. Essentially these terms refer to diamonds grown in a lab as opposed to the traditional and natural method which takes billions of years for diamonds to form.

The supporters of the Man-Made method correctly make the argument that both Man-Made diamonds and natural diamonds have the same chemical composition and are visually identical, therefore, with the naked eye it is near impossible to tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond...


5 things to look for in a Round Diamond

1) Cut

Of all the characteristics, Cut quality is the element that most heavily impacts a diamond’s beauty. It encompasses how well-proportioned and aesthetically appealing a diamond is. Cut proportions affect a diamond’s ability to reflect light and provide brilliance. It is frequently suggested that a high quality Cut above all else is preferred—as this greatly impacts a round diamond’s beauty and brilliance.


How Carat Finder transforms the way you buy diamonds?

Here are a few reasons why.....

Buying diamonds has never been easier! Gone are the days where you had to clear your schedule to go and see different jewlers in different stores, all of whom quote to give you the “best deal”. Those were confusing times indeed! Take the control in your hands, literally! Carat Finder gives you everything you need to find your perfect fit! Access to thousands of diamonds from different parts of the world, from different vendors across the world at any-time and any-place at the best prices?


Confused as to how Carat Finder works?

Here’s a guide for everything you need to know about how Carat Finder brings you unparalleled transparency when buying your next precious diamond for your next precious occasion!

Carat Finder puts emphasis on knowing fully well the diamond that you will be purchasing To help you understand what you will be buying, we have set up a “diamond guide” for you to fully understand the key attributes about each of your preferred diamond shapes along with what you would ideally want to look for while purchasing a specific diamond shape. We have ensured our diamond guide offers an in depth and objective insight on every diamond shape so you know exactly what to look for and what to avoid when concluding on your preferred diamond