The occasion of purchasing jewellery is special in every person’s life. However, finding that perfect piece of jewellery can prove to be amongst the most difficult processes that one has to encounter. Each piece of jewellery is composed of multiple different and unique characteristics making the search for the right piece a long and tiresome journey.

We come from families that have been in the business of selling jewellery for more than three decades and over the years we have witnessed the constant agony and frustration that customers have to endure when finding a piece of jewellery perfect for them

It was watching this perpetuating anguish of customers roaming the local jewellery districts for hours, dragging themselves from one jewellery shop to another trying to find that perfect piece, which led to the birth of Carat Finder. A one stop shop where customers can view and securely purchase the finest pieces of jewellery available at the worlds most renowned and trusted jewellers from the comfort of their homes.



Providing our customers with access to the most extensive collection of the finest diamonds in the world at the best price with the touch of a button